charting the compositional journey


Nova is a multi-movement project. Each movement is loosely influenced by the material of the others but I'm not convinced this is a symphony since the original conception was that the movements should be capable of standing alone too. Movement II, Made From Dust, uses material derived from Charcoal Dust III.

The Man in the Moon

The Man in the Moon is a work which had a long genesis. Here I plan to revise and share revisions of the work as and when the mood takes me, alongside any old sketches I am able to unearth.

Charcoal Dust

Charcoal Dust is not a complete composition as such, rather it's a musical 'cloud of possibilities' from which more defined music can be drawn. Some might mistakenly call such a thing a matrix, but the whole point of the dust is that it can be sounded complete in itself (in theory at least) and thus be enjoyed in its own right. It also means that music of disparate surface gestures, textures and styles - picked form the same cloud - will have at their core an underlying relationship. Charcoal Dust III is the version I am using as pre-composition for Made From Dust