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for 24 singers


The most distinguished contribution was Peter McAleer's Doorkeeper, which blends spirituals with overlapping phrases reminiscent of Tallis in a demand for religious and political unity.

- Tim Ashley - the Guardian

I particularly liked the exultant blaze of Peter McAleer's Doorkeeper.

- Geoff Brown, The Times

The piece, written in 2004, was commissioned by the BBC Singers at an event curated by the SPNM (now Sound and Music). It was first performed by the singers at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London as part of Inventions 2005.


Conceived as a work for 24 individual singers, the text combines Psalm 84 with contemporary sayings. It ends a with repeated, mounting refrain which finishes abruptly, mid-sentence, on the word 'struggle'.

6 Sopranos, 6 Altos, 6 Tenors, 6 Basses


6 minutes


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