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Good evening, Here is the Latest
for piano trio


In this piece, written in 1994, the violin represents a tired, slightly grumpy old man who switches on his TV set and comments on - even sometimes ignores - what he sees. The violinist should sit slightly apart from the the other two players.

The clarinet represents two distinct characters on the TV, one in the lower register of the instrument, one in the higher. The former is a rather sophisticated news presenter, the latter a somewhat zealous reporter.

Complete with references to the U. S. national anthem and The News at Ten, this piece represents a transition form my earlier style to a more free, colourful style of composition. Although still atonal it is the first time I reference outside musics and was one of the first steps I took on my journey away from the restrictions of hard modernism. It gained me my Masters from Goldsmith's.


Violin, Clarinet & Piano

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